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Date: 2018-04-21 14:37

So when you state that ultrasounds don 8767 t improve the outcome of the baby I wonder about spina bifida, requiring immediate surgery after birth. Or a nuchal cord changing how the doctor might choose to deliver the baby. Or a cleft palate or a club foot. Or a herniated bowel into the thoracic chamber. Or a ventricular septum defect. Or a herniated gut through the abdominal wall. These things happen. And without close monitoring of your baby, you could loose the baby before you even have a chance to hold him/her. I 8767 m not trying to rant. But I know ultrasound. I know the risks. Everyone go buy a book on the physics of ultrasound. Preferably Kremkua ( or however you spell it) and study it. In any of these studies did they identify the mechanical index used? I doubt it. Because the mechanical index used in modern ultrasound on fetuses is percent of what it would take to actually incur damage to the fetus. And that means you would have to be ultrasounding the exact same peice of tissue on the fetus for days before any real damage to happen. Ultrasound machines are maxed at their power output to an extremely conservative level to avoid any risk ever being possible. And most real registered ultrasound technologists know to use m-mode when finding the fetuses heartrate and even if they do use doppler, it still is at a level too low to cause damage. These experiments that you talk about are using a power index far greater than any ultrasound machine used for diagnostic purposes would allow. But what do I know. Except that ultrasound can save lives and shouldn 8767 t be thought of as something your doctor is forcing you do to. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some people are just more eduacated than others. It 8767 s easy to find the controversial articles and use them as research but the actual physics and instrumentation used on modern day ultrasounds isn 8767 t really mentioned. How there is a setting for bone, for soft tissue, for cardiac. All of these settings will not allow the ultrasound machine to operate over a certain power level. and to ask your sonographer to shorten the exam and pressure them into rushing could be the difference between life and death. And when you are rushing them and the baby is in a poor position to properly visualize the spine and spina bifida is missed I hope you can live with that. I hope that when the blood supply to the baby is below baseline and retrograde and the baby essentially dies from the lack of blood supply that you can live with that. I 8767 m not trying to be morbid but I am trying to show you that the benifits out way any 8775 risks 8776 shown on mice at an ultrasound power level 97% higher than used in modern medicine. But I 8767 m just a registered diagnostic medical sonographer so I guess I 8767 m a *censored* biased. I 8767 ve saved too many *censored* babies not to be.

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